Your days as a mom are hectic. You know that trying to keep up with the schedules / chores / commitments only creates a hamster wheel that leaves you running on empty with no end in sight.

You're busy and don't have time to endlessly search Google for solutions. And you definitely don't have the ability to follow some complicated or rigid schedule that won't ever be able to keep up with the unexpected hiccups of life with kids.


The Problem Is...

You put all your time + energy into playing whack-a-mole as you try to keep up with the demands of everyday life, which only leaves you overwhelmed + exhausted.

You feel guilty because trying to keep up means you aren’t as attentive or connected to your kids.

You know you could use help but your choices are to either pay a shizz ton of money to hire help or suck it up + just save the money by doing it all yourself.

Life is busy and you don’t have a lot of extra time to spend researching + choosing the solutions that will actually work for you + your family

You've Tried Routines
In the Past...

Only to find that they last a short while before you go back to your old ways.

Look, routines can be great but sometimes they’re just too rigid or overcomplicated. And that just doesn't work when mom life is full of the unpredictable (Hello, sick kid at home for the 3rd time this month).

The real magic of routines happens when you create a plan that’s in alignment with your lifestyle, biggest priorities + capacity.

Instead of setting yourself up to fail by trying to do it all on your own, you have an opportunity to let go of the pressure to do it all + focus on setting you + your family up for lasting success.

You've Tried to Go It
Alone For Too Long.

(Because the pressures of modern mom life have led you to believe good moms do it all.)

But that only sets you up to fall short. Trying to keep up with the unrealistic expectation that you could know how to manage the busyness of parenthood just leaves you unable to keep up + in a spiral of second-guessing

Am I doing this right? Am I a bad mom? Why isn't this working? How come no one else seems to have this problem?

It's time for a better approach.


You Know The Mom You Want to Be,

I Know How to Get You There.

Bringing structure to the busyness of mom life is no easy task. But it's ultimately what will help you to thrive.

I believe your family is one-of-a-kind and deserving of an approach that's equally unique

Which is why I offer 1:1 support—to help personalize your approach to family routines so that you can finally take the steps to real, lasting change that leads to a mom life you absolutely love.

It's Time to Set
Yourself Up for Success.

Just imagine how much easier mom life would be with the right routines in place for your family.

You'd finally have peace of mind knowing what matters most will get done.

You'd have the energy left over to actually enjoy your time with the kids. And could bring balance into your life so you can finally have ownership over it—without the self-doubt.

And the best part? You wouldn't have to figure that out on your own.

Imagine If You Could:

"Erin’s support is amazing and she definitely goes above and beyond. She always has the best advice that helps me to gain control + keep everything running smoothly at home."

— TIERNEY, Mom of 4



A 1-on-1 custom experience to create a personalized routine that's sustainable + actually works for your family and brings a sense of balance + ease to mom life.

Private Sessions

The Routine Refresh starts with a 40-minute, 1:1 session where we'll co-create a new routine that's hyper-specific to your family's dynamic, lifestyle + values.

A Tailor-Made Routine

After your session, you'll receive your custom PDF Routine Refresh plan. From your step-by-step process to extra tips + strategies, this plan has everything you need to start your new routine with success.

Ongoing Support

Even the best-laid plans can fall short + sometimes the unexpected happens. To help you keep moving forward, you'll receive a few weeks of asynchronous coaching—simply submit your questions whenever they come up to get the support you need!

Custom Routines Are Here

You + I both know you don't have the capacity to figure mom life out on your own. And you shouldn't have to. Schedule a 1:1 that fits your needs + have peace of mind knowing that you'll walk away with answers + support as you move forward. (See ya, mom guilt + overwhelm!)

Routine Refresh - Solo

For the moms who are ready to cut to the chase + revamp their routines quickly.

  • 40-Minute Strategy Session on Zoom
  • Personalized Routine Refresh PDF Plan
  • 30-Day Access to Call Replay
  • 2 Weeks Concierge Follow-Up Support
  • 40-Minute Follow-Up Session on Zoom
  • Printable Follow-Up Session Notes

$247 / Session

Schedule a Single Session >

Routine Refresh - Duo

For the moms want to revamp their routines with full support during implementation.

  • 40-Minute Strategy Session on Zoom
  • Personalized Routine Refresh PDF Plan
  • 60-Day Access to Call Replays
  • 4 Weeks Concierge Follow-Up Support
  • 40-Minute Follow-Up Session on Zoom
  • Printable Follow-Up Session Notes

$347 / Double Sessions

Get Comprehensive Support >

Every Family Needs A Little Structure.


The Routine Refresh Is Perfect For You If:

You're a busy mom who's tired of barely keeping it together but also doesn't have time to keep up with structured, inflexible plans.

You're ready to stop searching Pinterest for hacks and systems + start following a routine that actually makes everyday mom life easier.

You want a straightforward plan so that you know exactly what to do + when so you can get on with living + enjoying your life as a mom.

You're ready to feel in control of the parts of your day that desperately need support so that your whole family thrives.

The Process Is Simple.

This is about saving you time and frustration so that you can finally make mom life easier + more intentional.


Choose a date and time that

fits your schedule.


Hop on Zoom to chat + come up with a routine that's right for you.


Implement your plan with

2-4 weeks of follow-up support

See What Other Moms Have to Say:

"Working with Erin has helped me to limit the comparison game + no longer feel like I need to seek motherhood advice from everyone on the internet."

Mom of 2

"I've been blown away by Erin's problem solving–she always has ideas and makes it feel like no problem is too big or too hard."

Mom of 3

"Erin's support has helped me stay centered + focused through the chaos of motherhood!"

Mom of 4

Everything You Need to Finally
Have Routines That Stick

The Routine Refresh designed to help you streamline your efforts by giving you the plan, resources + support you need to make your routines more sustainable. This service truly is designed to support your needs a busy, modern day mama—


Virtual sessions on Zoom mean that you can access support without having to leave the house or figure out childcare.


No one-size-fits-all solutions here. We'll come up with solutions that fit your personality, lifestyle + needs.


Designed to fit into your busy schedule, a 40-minute session is all you need to get a jumpstart on mom life.


Part of what makes mom life so hard is how alone we can feel in our experiences. Sessions are a safe space to share how you're feeling + receive the encouragement you need most.


We'll co-create an action plan so that you'll know exactly what to do as soon as the session ends.

Worried about mom brain? I'll send printable session notes for that.


You'll walk away with a plan that is simple + sustainable.

And that includes having access to the call replay + follow up support from me for the weeks following your session because sometimes you just need extra time to process + take action.

You Don't Have to be the Mom Who's Barely Keeping It Together Any Longer

Because barely getting by isn't why you signed up for life as a mom. Let's refresh your routines + create the capacity to finally life the family life you've been hoping for all along.


Are inconsistent + chaotic at best

Lead to overwhelm + frustration

Make life as a family harder

Kick mom guilt into high gear

Lead to mom burnout


Are purposeful + provide structure

Lead to a sense of balance + ease

Prioritize your family's wellbeing

Feel supportive + encouraging

Free up your mind, time + energy

Personalized Routines to Fit Your Needs

Mom life is not a one-size-fits-all kinda thing. Which is why trying everyone else's routines hasn't worked for you. Let's come up with a routine that puts your family's lifestyle + needs first so that it's actually doable.

Routine Refresh - Solo

For the moms who are ready to cut to the chase + revamp their routines quickly.

  • 40-Minute Strategy Session on Zoom
  • Personalized Routine Refresh PDF Plan
  • 30-Day Access to Call Replay
  • 2 Weeks Concierge Follow-Up Support
  • 40-Minute Follow-Up Session on Zoom
  • Printable Follow-Up Session Notes

$247 / Session

Routine Refresh - Duo

For the moms want to revamp their routines with full support during implementation.

  • 40-Minute Strategy Session on Zoom
  • Personalized Routine Refresh PDF Plan
  • 60-Day Access to Call Replays
  • 4 Weeks Concierge Follow-Up Support
  • 40-Minute Follow-Up Session on Zoom
  • Printable Follow-Up Session Notes

$347 / Double Sessions

Hey, I'm Erin.

I'm a mom of two + I retired from teaching at 33 years old because I saw a fault in the parenting system that was leaving moms burned out + the impact it has on families. I'm here to help  change that for moms like you!

I know just how overwhelming + lonely it can be to figure it all out on your own.  And let's be honest, most moms don't have all day to Google solutions to their problems.  I care about personalizing your approach to mom life so that you can finally take the steps to real, lasting change—without any of the guilt or burnout!

Yes, It Really Is Possible

To feel confident that you have enough time to get things done and enjoy your time with your kids

To move through your routines more efficiently—saving you time + so much frustration.

To create a routine that actually works for the entire family so that you aren't responsible for all of it.

To turn off 'productivity mode' + enjoy a greater sense of balance because you have the time + capacity to spend on what matters most.

You Might Be Wondering...

How do I know if the Routine Refresh is a good fit for me?

The modern-day parenting system has left too many moms feeling under-supported, under-valued and under-appreciated. I created the Routine Refresh to help make realistic, practical support accessible to any mom who feels like she needs some insight on how to make managing everyday mom life more sustainable. If that sounds like what you need, then YES, the Routine Refresh would be a great fit!

What's the difference between the Routine Refresh single + duo?

Both packages come with an initial, 40-minute session on Zoom where we co-create a new routine that supports your needs + will work with your lifestyle. They also include your detailed, custom Routine Refresh guide that outlines everything you need to implement your new routine with success.

They differ in terms of how much follow-up support you receive as you get started with your new routine.—

Single sessions come with access to your call replay for 30 days. Additionally, you'll receive 2 weeks of concierge coaching. This means you can send me follow-up questions (video/voice/text) when it's convenient for you. And I'll send a response within 1 business day so that you can get the answers you need in order to keep taking action.

Duo sessions are an option that truly offers wraparound support as you navigate implementing your new routine. This package comes with a second, follow-up session. Similar to the initial session, it's 40 minutes on Zoom. We use this time to discuss your progress, wins + struggles. You'll walk away with additional strategies that expand your approach + help you overcome any hiccups that happen along the way. Additionally, you'll have access to your call replays for 60 days. And you'll receive 4 weeks of concierge coaching.

Which routines does the Routine Refresh cover?

I get it, we could really go down the routine rabbit hole with this. I typically suggest that we focus on a routine that either keeps the family moving through the day (like morning routines, after-school routines or bedtime routines), bring structure to your time at home (such as meal planning, afternoon quiet time, calendar management, etc.) or create space for the other needs in your life (AKA fitting in self-care, keeping up with work needs or reconnecting with hobbies/friendships outside the home) .

TL;DR—no routine is off limits. If it's affecting how you feel about yourself as a mom, it's worth figuring out.

What is the initial call like?

These 40-minute Zoom sessions are efficient + action-packed. We'll start off your call briefly reviewing your intake form to make sure it accurately reflects your concern + to also give you the chance to elaborate or share anything new that you'd like to make sure I'm aware of.

Next, we'll identify what's working well in this area of your life, as well as pinpoint what's making things harder than they should be. During this time, we'll also tease out which of your values are most motivating to you + identify why this routine is feeling especially sticky for you.

From there, I'll walk you through my EASE framework that we use to co-create a simple action plan that will serve as your guide in the coming weeks. You'll walk away knowing what your next steps are + have the strategies you need to implement your plan with confidence.

Within 24 hours, you'll receive your personalized, printable Routine Refresh guide that outlines your new routine, key takeaways from our conversation + strategies to support your new approach. You'll also have access to your call replay so that you (or your partner) can go back and reference the conversation.

And I know that change takes time + the unexpected can happen. Which is why the Routine Refresh comes with 2-4 weeks of follow-up support (2 wks. single/4 wks. duo). You'll have access to submit your questions in written, audio or video form + I'll get back to you during business hours with personalized answers so that you can keep moving forward even after our call has ended.

Is my session refundable?

All sessions are 100% refundable within 24 hours of your call. If you need to reschedule, your appointment includes one complimentary reschedule. You may do so using the link in your confirmation email. You can learn more by reviewing the terms and conditions.

I have another question—how can I get in touch?

I appreciate that you want to know more! Let's get that question answered for you. You can click the 'Have a question?' widget on the lower right of your screen + I'll help you! Or you can always send me an email at